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Marty Cintron is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer with Billboard charting hits “Where Do You Go”, “Please Don’t Go”, “Hello–How Are You”, “When I Die”, & “Kiss You All Over.”

As the lead singer and founder of “No Mercy”, he is an internationally known Gold and Platinum recording artist who has scored four Billboard hits and has sold over 10 million recordings worldwide.  No Mercy’s music has been featured in the films “A Night At The Roxbury” and the ACB-TV series Lois and Clark.

It is hard to find artists who have had such a whirlwind of success and have managed to not only stay grounded but also maintain a positive and appreciative attitude.  Marty Cintron’s passion and love for music not only launched him but has enabled him to survive and continue with gratitude and gratefulness.

His personality, extraordinary guitars, vocals, and producer talents are infused into “No Mercy’s” music with a distinctive energized atmosphere.  His upbeat songs are gracefully tempered while his ballads highlight vocal harmonizing.

Call it pop-ular music that blends house, pop, soul, R&B and Latin rhythms with the Mediterranean beauty of the Spanish guitar thus creating an infectious groove with a mix of fast-paced dance and soulful love songs.  The music of “No Mercy” is uniquely recognized worldwide.

Currently, “No Mercy” has been touring throughout Europe and Russia and recording new music in his Miami, Florida studio.


It all started when Marty Cintron, a young man from the Bronx, New York, was performing on the streets of South Beach in Miami, Florida one evening. His strong voice, an acoustic guitar and his good looks peaked the interest of an extremely successful European producer who told him that he would like to work with him. Cintron sat down with the producer, who proceeded to ask if Cintron knew a couple of other guys who could join him. “I mentioned my two best friends, Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez, who are twins, and who like me, had been working and working, just waiting for some type of break,” remembers Cintron. “Then boom, one month later, the three of us are in a recording studio in Germany.”

When they were not in the studio, Marty, Ariel and Gabriel use to hang out at Prince’s club, Glam Slam, dancing the night away. “Prince”, so impressed with their skills, asked them to audition for an upcoming tour of his. Not only did they end up touring with Prince, but they also appeared in many music videos along side “Prince.”

Says Cintron, “we never lost sight of our dreams and always had high hopes to support ourselves doing what we really love to do.” With their first album, “No Mercy” wanted to create something new and fresh that people—both young and old—could relate to. “We were simply trying to come up with something a little new. We like to be seen as trend-setters and not as a group that copies others,” says Cintron. “It’s much better to come up with a sound and identity all your own. We want people to know it’s us when they hear one of our songs. We want people to say, “Yeah, that’s No Mercy.”

No Mercy Discography

1995- No Mercy was formed.
1996- “Where Do You Go” hit airwaves worldwide.
1996- The single entered the top 10. 10/96- No Mercy released their self-titled album in North America and “Where Do You Go” was the ultimate single.
1997- “Please Don’t Go” hit airwaves worldwide.
1997- “Please Don’t Go” entered the top 10.
1997- “When I Die” hit airwaves worldwide.
1997-“Kiss You All Over” hit airwaves worldwide, but not in North America.
1997- No Mercy was certified gold.
1998- The second album, “More” was released worldwide, but not in North America and the first single was “Hello, How Are You”.
1999- “More Than A Feeling” entered the airwaves.
2000- “Morena” and “Where Is The Love” entered the airwaves.
2001- Marty released a solo album.
2002- “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” entered the airwaves.
2011- “Shed My Skin” featuring Stan Kolev Released
2015 – Release of “Day by Day 2015” featuring a remake of “Please Don’t Go” originally recorded by KC & the Sunshine Band.

1995-1997 No Mercy

In 1995 the group released their single “Missing” which was a remake of Everything but the Girl’s 1994 hit. No Mercy released their debut album, My Promise on October 21, 1996. which was the original title chosen by trio’s German record company, Hansa, BMG.  The album was released in the U.S. only a week later under the self title No Mercy on October 29, 1996. The album, however, was released in most areas of the world with its original title My Promise, including Australia where it received two times platinum. My Promise which became a Top-5 album in countries like Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland,produced two internationally popular singles, including “Where Do You Go” and “When I Die”, the first being a cover of La Bouche’s “Where Do You Go” from 1994. This was followed by the single “Please Don’t Go”, which entered the Top-5 in Austria and the U.K. The trio released a re-worked version of the band Exile’s number one song from 1978, “Kiss You All Over”, which was a moderate success on the charts but still managed to enter the Top-20 in Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.

1998-1999 No Mercy

No Mercy’s second album, More, which was released in Germany on October 12, 1998,  included singles such as “Hello How Are You”, “More than a Feeling” (originally recorded by Boston) and “Tu Amor” (originally by Jon B., and later covered also by RBD). Although More wasn’t as successful as its predecessor, it still managed to achieve success in the GSA region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), peaking at No.7, No.9, No.9 respectively.

2000-2002 Singles

Released a single, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” Featuring Al Di Meola, was released to gauge support for No Mercy’s third album. The record producer decided to instead rework the songs for solo artist Daniel Lopes’ debut album, Shine On, in 2003. The band would guest feature in that album, on the track “Summer Angel”.


 No Mercy released their third album, Day By Day, under a new Australian-based independent record label, Show No Mercy Entertainment Pty Ltd,


No Mercy released the single “Shed My Skin” Featuring Stan Kolev.


Release of Album “Day by Day 2015”



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